Why Mom Is The Best Person On Earth?

Being a mom is not as easy as you think it is. She has undergone about 57 dels of pain while the tolerance of the human body is less than 45 dels just to get her child to see the world. Her role does not stop there. She has to make sure her little baby sleeps enough, eats enough. She didn’t mind staying awake all night to make sure the child is ok and sleeping sound. She serves, not just the kids but the entire family.  Most mothers go to work to support the family and still make sure the child at home is safe and ok and has no problems. It does not stop there. Even when her daughter or son is old enough, she still makes sure she or he is always fine and healthy.

Role of mom in parenting:

Mothers basically risk their life to give birth to their child and then give up all their leisure for her child. She plays a lot of roles. She is your first teacher. Mom taught you to face the world. She spends a lot of time with her child. She can basically mold her child’s character. She is the one who builds positivity and confidence in her child. She is the only person who has the strongest emotional bond with the child as she is the one who gets to have maximum interactions in the first few days. She makes sure the child has a perfect growing environment and never gives up on that. She makes sure the child gets everything he or she needs. She also gives her child the advice and chances for behavioral development. A mom is the best nurturer that a child can get. She keeps her eyes open towards the child and makes sure her kid is perfect and healthy and she never fails. She is also the best secure anchor. Mothers act as a secure anchor for her child. They have a very unique trust bonding between them that no one else can have. She makes sure her child feels emotionally secure enough to share with her like a friend. She makes sure the child bonds very well with the family. As an educator, she lays the perfect path for her child to walk on. She gives her child a clear vision of life. She teaches the kid discipline. She makes sure her child feels very positive and good. She teaches the child when to work hard and when to work smart. She plays multiple roles in parenting. She is strict when she needs to be and soft when she needs that. She makes sure the child doesn’t make any mistake small or big. She lays the proper path for the child’s career and fills the child’s environment with positivity. She fights through a lot of situations and against a lot of people to give the child the best possible growing chances. On the whole, a mom plays a million roles in her child’s life. She is a teacher, a philosopher, a doctor, a guide, a best friend and a well-wisher who never gives up. All at the same time. Even if you disrespect her, she always cares for you.

The best relationship in the world is the relationship between a mother and her child. We have always heard people say God couldn’t take care of everybody, everywhere and that’s why he made a mom. Maybe it is true. She is simply one human being who gives her life for her children and her family. She does a lot of jobs. She is a cook, a driver and a lot more. She is everything a child needs from the day the child opens his eyes and starts seeing things. Her happiness is in her children’s achievements. After all this she has done, she does not expect anything in return except lots of love and care from her children. Her expectations are very low for the role she has played in her children’s life. That is the reason why she is great. That is why we can proudly say ‘Mother is God’.