Realizing the Importance of Raising a Child

Important lessons towards proper childcare

A child is the greatest gift that God can bestow on any married couple. Responsibilities increase and so does the happiness. But a child being born, a lot of tensions too arise as well. New parents get pressurized at first, learning new ways to take care of the newborn baby. The initial stages of parenting are tough for both parents, especially for the mother who has stay awake most of the nights taking notice of the fact that the baby stays safe. Thus, with parenting begins a new phase in the lives of two individuals who apparently figure out how to raise the baby and what should be its future prospects. The magic of parenthood, however lies in the fact that both the individual’s learn to compromise after the baby is born and both of them stand for each other during tough times. Parents can often switch roles and at times father’s become mothers and vice versa. Thus, the entire path of parenting is tough and nostalgic yet one of the best phases to cherish. The birth of a child totally transforms the entire scenario and brings joy to both the adults.

Taking care of the baby in the first 10 days of its birth:

A new born baby in the initial years need special care and treatment and it is imperative to understand their basic needs and give all the special love the baby deserves. Thus, some of the most important tips to childcare are as follows:

  • Keeping the baby warm-

A baby in the first ten days of his or her birth should be kept warm. This means that, the child should be wrapped in appropriate blankets so that the warmness doesn’t fade away. Keeping the baby close to the mother’s chest can release more warmth and prevent all sorts of illnesses.

  • Breathing solutions-

A baby should learn to breathe properly and it is the duty on part of new mother’s to check whether the baby is able to breathe properly or is having any issues with breathing. If breathing issues do take place a suction pipe can help lessen the pain and clear the nose passage and thus help the baby to breathe.

  • Breastfeeding-

It is usually tough for new mothers when it comes to breastfeeding the baby. Pain might occur and it is important for the mother to feel comfortable as well. A new born baby should be fed at least 4 times a day because breast milk is full of essential nutrients necessary for the child’s healthy growth.

  • Cleaning of the Umbilical Cord-

When the umbilical cord is first cut, it must be sterilized so as to prevent infections from spreading. It must be cleaned to prevent growth of any bacteria. The baby should be protected from all sorts of infections and thus it is mandatory to sanitize the cord properly.

  • A quick heartbeat check-

A few days after the baby’s breathing stabilizes and gets normalized, the new mother must check his or heartbeat. The pulse rate must be normal and any unusual rate should be reported immediately to the doctor. Mothers often panic when abnormal heartbeat rates occur but some ventilation might improve the situation and keep the child safe.

  • Giving vitamins-

What new mothers usually forget is that vitamins must be given to a new born baby just after 4 to 5 days after birth. Vitamins can not only improve blood flow in the body of the baby but also prevents diseases like haemorrhage. Vitamins for babies must be taken in the liquid form or be mixed with the food.

  • Inserting the virtue of patience-

Parenting is a tough stage and new parents do enjoy this stage but at the same time it is very tough for them as well. One must remain patient enough to take care of the baby and understand what is right and what is wrong. Every arrangement must be made to provide warmth and care to the baby. A good healthy childhood assures a trusted path towards adulthood.

  • Switching roles-

While parenting is tough, both the parents learn to compromise and often switch roles in the process. At times when the child is unable to sleep, the father even learns to understand and take measures to make the baby sleep. In that case, both the parents learn to adjust and even pave way to being good parents.

The final take on nourishing the child:

Healthy parents surely want their baby to be healthy as well. Thus proper steps towards good parenting are essential and parents must change their parenting techniques to learn about the ways children should grow up or what makes their child happy. Each and every step might be directed towards being good parents with responsibility and discipline.