Embrace The Inner Child And Get To Live Life To Its Fullest

The best and innocent stage of anyone’s life is the childhood stage. The stage is outlined with least responsibility and so much fun and frolic around. Can you imagine a group of children coming together and keeping quiet? That should be a totally awkward situation until the group has to appear for an exam! To make this phase of life count, anybody can say, one should have an ample amount of fun and activities done try making most of it.

Reasons why a child is considered the happiest being in the world!

Find below some of the reasons mentioned which in a way are more than enough for someone wanting to be always in their phase of happy days or the childhood days.

Responsibilities are not so many in this age.

No doubt, some people always look forward to being responsible and make more in one’s life. Some of the people can be grouped in the category where they want to get rid of any sort of responsibility and so being a child is being taken as the most adorable one!

You are way cuter than you can imagine.

Trust us you can never be cuter in your entire life than you have been in your childhood. Even if you don’t like to be pinched on your cheeks then this one point should have been your story definitely! The childhood phase is definitely taken as the cutest phase of life and you look beautiful even without touch up.

The mind is ever ready to be very curious.

The little minds are very eager always to know what should be done. Children are not afraid of the questions in this stage and they want to explore and know more than they already know!

Watching parents coming back home is always attached to some sort of expectation.

You know that your parents would definitely bring you something and you don’t need to compromise with things in your hand. You would be getting everything that comes as nobody ask the child for a share.

Most of your wishes would be fulfilled and no doubt in that!

 Nobody could stop you from getting pampered and you would be definitely the target of everyone’s love. Everyone would make sure that you are getting pampered and each of your demand would be fulfilled. The best part of being a child would be if you are alone and the youngest one in your home, you would definitely get all of the pamperings.

You would be that lucky one to get most of the affection.

No worries however small you are, being sure to know that you will be loved and always love would be in the air, for you. At this age, you need not to know how to repay that love but you can just be by yourself while getting all of the attention!

Paparazzi is all for you!

And that’s totally not your job! You just need to be still and everybody would want to get a pic clicked with you. You would be the star and guess what? You don’t even have to pair up things and no need to doll up but still, you will be the focus of the show and you could easily be the show stealer!

You can eat first almost every time!

The time would not wait for you and so don’t need to be done by you as well. You can be the first one to start at any gathering and even that would be appreciated. Not like the grownups where eating first would be synonym with some weird phrase!

•You can be in a mess and still manage to look cute or a cool dude!

No matter how much mess you would be making or how much ever things get weird, you will always be coming out cute even being in your mess, all because you are a cute child!

No doubt, people say it is far better to live life being like a child and it can help you live the most of your life. Though one always want to get out of this phase and this is so obvious with everyone. The sweet bitter truth of this phase is even that this passes away so swiftly yet smoothly from one’s life, even before they get to absorb the fact! No worries even if you ended in the adulthood even before you could realize, make sure that you make most of your life, even in the remaining phase of life and nobody could the inner child in you which could never be faded with the growing time and growing age.

However bad we want to get into the new phase of life, we can never deny the act that growing up is a trap, which we all enter without knowing and even without feeling the need of denying!