Children: Their Development and Learning

What is associated with children’s development and learning?

Children’s development is mainly connected to the things they learn in their daily life, from even as simple as picking up their favorite dress to solving problems. The daily exposure to such kinds of activities slowly help their mind grow and thus progress in their development. Learning includes that part in which a child learns from the outer world. The physical, mental and behavioral activities that happens all around in the child’s surrounding are the source of their learning. That’s how they gather knowledge and evolve themselves accordingly. Their curiosity and their desire to know something becomes the driving force that they employ to explore things around them. This helps them in gathering what’s happening all around and then take decisions based on what to learn and what to discard. Sometimes they may go off track but with proper guidelines, they are bound to learn the things which important.

Factors of Development:

There are various factors which children look over to help them explore the world and learn things which matter for them. They also look over these factors and depend on them to ensure their proper growth. Some of these factors can be listed below:

  • Parents/Guardian: – Parents became the first and foremost guide to a child’s learning. They are the driving force which drive them to pursue their desires and keep them on track. Without their guidance, a child can barely manage to develop. Parents teach their children about the things they need to learn at specific times and the things that they shouldn’t, they become a motivation to which a child looks upon and achieve their goals. Parents plays the most important in their lives be it from the very start to the very end. Covering all aspects of nurturing needed for the child.
  • Surroundings: –The surrounding in which children lives in effects their lives in a great way. Comprising of the people around, the locality they live in, the society they belong to influence the children in a great way. This allows them to explore the outdoor world that lives by them and learn about the different cultures, traditions, rules and commotion that is present in the world. And how they should adapt to all of these.
  • Education: – This becomes the knowledge center of any child. Pursuing education is the supporting factor to all of their knowledge gained and then to apply it accordingly. Education helps to teach them when and what type of information is required to use. It also teaches them what to do during situations which are not suitable for them. This kind of acts as a surviving factor. Teaching them to solve problems efficiently and going through difficult situations are the sole purpose of education to any child.
  • Technology: – Though it may not sound so important, but in this ever growing world of technology, it plays quite a significant role on its part. It becomes the medium through which a child gains knowledge and knows about the outer world. Be in the form of internet, or other devices, technology never fails to amaze children and draws them towards it. It helps to fulfill their curiosity over time and gives them almost everything on their palms.

What are the stages in a child’s life?

A child’s growth life can be briefly divided into 3 part namely, Toddler, adolescence and adulthood. Solely according to the purpose of learning. Each part plays an important role in their life based on growth, development and learning. These parts can be briefly explained as:

  • Toddler: – This period marks the beginning years of learning and growth. Their mind starts to develop slowly and they seem to catch what goes around them. They start to learn things slowly and try to adapt to the surroundings. Parents and early education are the main guidance during this period and exposure to the outside world occurs slowly.
  • Adolescence: – This stage marks the learning years of a child’s life. In this stage, a good amount of exposure is experienced from the outer world and a child promptly adapts to its surroundings.  They grow a desire to explore and this leads them to learn a variety of things all around them. They seek out things that matter to them in this stage of life and use them accordingly in required circumstances. Parents, technology and education play a very vital role to guide them through all of their needs.
  • Adulthood: – This is the final learning years of life. In this stage, physical, mental and behavioral development occurs at its peak. They gather all of the necessary things that they need. Their exposure to the outside world is maximum and this lets them build themselves for their upcoming challenges and prepare for the future. They are able to use their knowledge to their maximum and adapt to things quite rapidly compared to the other stages. All of the factors of development work together to support this rapid growth.